How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle: keep, improve, maintain healthy heart

Healthy Lifestyle:

The healthy lifestyle help us to keep, improve, maintain our health and well-being. Health is a measure of critical health parameter as numbers such as weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol. To keep healthy include healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, and stress management.

A healthy lifestyle are the tips to be practiced to achieve the ultimate goal the healthy lifestyle by How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle which show us how the follower can improve health.

The major components for to be healthy are good health and the article will mention some do and some do not that lead to unhealthy living.

Healthy means healthy both physically and mentally.

Human needs:

  1. Food is necessity for growth and maintenance of a healthy body, depending on the growth stage as infants, children (kids), teenagers, young adults, adults, and seniors.

Good Food Tips:

  • Eat three meals a day -breakfast, lunch, and dinner litter meal
  • Half of you food consumption should consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or Daily product
  • One third of food from meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs,
  • Add dry fruits and nuts and cereals
  • Food should low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol,
  • Low in salt (sodium), and
  • Avoid added sugars; Check label before buy on processed pack food.
  • Eat small guaranty to satisfy hunger and stop over eating.
  • Avoid eating in beaten breakfast and lunch or dinner,
  • Snacks should consist of fruit, whole grains, or nuts to satisfy hunger and not over eating
  • Avoid sodas and sugar-added soft drinks.
  • Avoid eating a large meal before sleeping to decrease stomach reflex and weight gain.
  • Cool down before eating if you are angry or depressed as you do not have control what you are eating.
  • Avoid rewarding children with chocolate containing high sugar and bakery items,
  • Avoid heavy meals in the summer-in hot days.
  • Try vegetarian and pure vegan food for lifestyle.
  • Cooking foods (above 165 F) destroys most harmful bacteria and other pathogens;
  • Eat uncooked foods like fruits or vegetables, they should be thoroughly washed with running treated (safe to drink) tap water right before eating.
  • Avoid eating raw or under cooked any type meats.

Special situation wise food tips:

  • For diabetics : follow all above tips and monitor blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
  • People with unusual work schedules (night shifts, college students, military) should try to adhere to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine with minimal snacking.
  • Cook food in as less than grease.
  • Obese should avoid all fatty and sugary foods and eat mainly vegetables, fruits, and nuts and markedly reduce his/her intake of meat and dairy products.
  • Seek medical advice early if you cannot control you weight, food intake, or if you have diabetes and cannot control you blood glucose levels. Physical activity or exercise can improve you health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve you quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits. Excessive and physical activity
  • Benefits of regularly physically active,
    • Reduce risk of a heart attack
    • Better weight management
    • lower blood cholesterol level
    • lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers
    • lower blood pressure
    • have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis
    • lower you risk of falls
    • recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest
    • feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better.

    A healthier state of mind

    A number of studies have found that exercise helps depression. There are many views as to how exercise helps people with depression:

    • Exercise may block negative thoughts or distract you from daily worries.
    • Exercising with others provides an opportunity for increased social contact.
    • Increased fitness may lift you mood and improve you sleep patterns.
    • Exercise may also change levels of chemicals in you brain, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones.

    Why at least 30 minutes physical Day

    ton maintain health and reduce you risk of health problems, health professionals and researchers recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days.

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    Guide lines for Physical activity:

    • Doing any physical activity is better than doing none. If you currently do no physical activity, start by doing some, and gradually build up to the recommended amount.
    • Be active on most, preferably all, days every week.
    • Accumulate 150 to 300 minutes (2 ½ to 5 hours) of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 to 150 minutes (1 ¼ to 2 ½ hours) of vigorous intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both moderate and vigorous activities, each week.
    • Do muscle strengthening activities on at least two days each week.

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    Tips to increase physical activity

    increase in daily activity can come from small changes made throughout you day, such as walking or cycling instead of using the car, getting off a tram, train or bus a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way, or walking the children to school.

    Benefit of Yoga:

    Learning different types of yoga as a tool to help you stay healthy.

    Yoga increases the build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body,

    Yoga is for breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures (sometimes called Ashana or poses) that stretch and flex various muscle groups.

    The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.

    Benefits of yoga :

    • increased body flexibility
    • increased muscle strength and tone
    • improved respiration, energy and vitality
    • maintaining a balanced metabolism
    • weight reduction
    • cardio and circulatory health
    • improved athletic performance
    • protection from injury

    Mental benefits

    the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person manage stress, Yoga can be very effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

    Yoga is a meditation and breathing can improve a person’s mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention

    A healthy lifestyle are the tips to be practiced to achieve the ultimate healthy life goal following the healthy lifestyle means simple tips by How to Develop a Healthy Lifestyle which show us how the follower can improve health.

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